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the sky watcher camera. northwest washington in the foreground. downtown off in the distance. the horizon is prince george's county. and temperatures by 9:00 near # 0. near 90 by noon time. it will feel like 100 to 105 by midafternoon with the heat and humidity. temperatures climbing into the upper 90s by then. by 5:00, mid-90s. through this evening it's going to be a warm night. by dawn, low 70s. hot day on thursday. hazy sunshine. highs near 100. there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm late in the day. maybe tomorrow morning. then on friday, partly sunny. highs near 90. he might get a morning shower or afternoon thunderstorm. mostly cloudy. both saturday and sunday. chance of a morning shower or afternoon thunderstorm. then starting off next week, we should dry out. we'll have seasonal temperatures. how is traffic? >> we continue to follow breaking news in maryland. ramp from the inner loop of the beltway to go in on river road remains closed. chopper 4 over the scene as a deadly motorcycle accident occurred this morning. ramp from the inner loop to inbound river road is clos
with protestors in the foreground. the protest was organized through social media and called anti-cut two . they are protesting corporate tax cuts and state budget cuts and how they are affecting the schools and libraris and poor. they briefly shut down the intersection before moving to the library. one protester was arrested there. >> and to the economy. new figures out in the unemployment in california. a small improvement. in may, the rate dropped one-10th of a percent. a year ago at this time. jobless rate was at 12.four are presidents. last month was the fifth month in a row with a lower jobless rate. more from abc capitol correspondant nannette miranda. >> it is a mixed bag and first good news. california's unemployment rate fell to len.7 percent and a drop of a percentage point since 2011 began. it was slightly higher in april and all painting a positive picture than a year ago when the jobless rate for california was at a year high. >> i just got laid off. >> for steven frazier, bad news. employers shed 29,000 job in may and most significant job loss since last fall. he remains po
producers. light breeze shaking the trees in the foregrounds of this photo. summit ridge. crystal clear, that should hold up tonight and tomorrow and sunday afternoon probably. there is a chance for a shower or storm, they are slight. now 85 baltimore. 82 82 'ston -- 'ston -- easton. as we look at the satellite radar picture, one little area of cloud cover, coming through extreme western maryland towards garrett county, allegheny county. no rain with the clouds, they are getting brief cloud cover obscuring the sun. there is nothing to our immediate west coming in weather wise, offshore, you can see the front that pushed through several days back, generating cloud cover and showers off of north carolina and back down areas off of the atlantic coastline. basically, behind that boundary, double barreled high pressure, keeping us nice, mild and dry. a broad, clockwise rotation around the high pressure. that's bringing in the northerly and northeasterly breezes and keeping things awfully pleasant for another 12 to 18 hours. future cast is showing not a cloud in the sky tonight or tomorrow. a
. there is the view from our skywatcher camera looking towards virginia in the distance in the foreground is northwest washington and you can just see that thick summer haze hanging in the air. right now, reagan national is at 90 degrees and the humidity is up there pretty high now. dew points in the mid-60s in some locations and the dew points near 70. as a result, it's feeling even hotter. right now, it's in the 80s to near 90 degrees across virginia, across maryland, the district of columbia and even around the bay, not much relief there and not much relief on the eastern shores. the heat index and the heat index in washington is at 93, but look at culpepper, the heat index there, 97. their hair temperature is 90, but already feels like it is 100 degrees there. many locations in virginia, shenandoah valley, as well. feeling like low and mid-90s, as well. the combination of the heat and humidity. eastern shore temperatures there are in the upper 80s to near 90 and even right at the beaches. those temperatures there are around 85 to 90 degrees. but relife in the water. if you take a dip, water temper
monument in the foreground. and the capitol building. temperature wise, not a bad start to the day. a little warm in the district. elsewhere, a pretty comfortable. 51 in fredericksburg. lexington park at 66. we are watching this thunderstorm complex. it is going down to canada, new york, pennsylvania. we may get some increase in clouds and may be mostly cloudy for a brief time frame today. we could pick up a few showers from its in some portions of our viewing area, northwest of the metro area. that'll be later today. a big rich in the jet stream. the core of the heat and humidity is off to the west. it is very hot and humid record- breaking air is to our west. one forecast is 100 degrees this afternoon. 98 in chicago. some thunderstorms possible this afternoon. near 100 the next few days and then isolated storms towards the weekend. >>> it is good on the metrorail. plenty of a volume on the beltway. we are open coming out of oxon hill. it is normal near the naval research lab. let's go to news choppers 7. they are in maryland. this is a normal back of a chevrolet into northwest d.
. those are the high rises in the foreground along massachusetts avenue in northwest washington. off in the distance, the high rises along wilson boulevard in arlington and certainly the visibility has dramatically improved with the drop in humidity. we've got a beautiful blue sky. by 9:00, we'll be near 70 degrees with lots of sun. upper 70s by noontime, some clouds coming in. we'll have it peak near 80 by midafternoon with low humidity. overnight tonight should be mostly clear. we'll have a mild evening and a cool start to tomorrow morning down in the upper 50s. on tuesday, another day a lot like today with low humidity and highs near 80 and partly cloudy. more sun on wednesday. 50s again in the morning. afternoon highs near 80. then on thursday, we will have a little more humidity around. might get an afternoon shower or thunderstorm with highs in the upper 70s. then near 80 with a chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm mainly in the afternoons on friday and saturday. sunday looking partly cloudy now with highs in the mid-80s. let's check the monday morning commute. danella se
on a computer screen and focus anywhere within the image you want. click to bring the foreground into sharp relief or switch the focus maybe to the back ground. it is remarkable. the camera can also transfer to regular traves to 3d. the camera uses what is called light field research and advanced technology. the big deal is that for the first time ever someone has figured out how to fit it into your pocket and make it convenient for all of us to use. big change. >>> coming up here tonight, the fire that destroyed the long foregotten su i tro. we will take a look at one of san francisco's lost landmarks. >>> plus, the stress express. and how much -- how there really is these days no such >>> wow. with the start of summer comes this graphic reminder o about e dangers of fireworks. the consumer products safety commission put on this display today. fireworks killed three people last year and sent 8600 others to the hospital. and even less powerful fireworks like sparklers can cause injuries so we are reminded to be careful. >>> san francisco has an anniversary coming up that commemorates a fire
washington in the foreground and fairfax county in the distance and a clear sky this morning in fairfax county. it's only in the 50s. arlington county in the upper 50s, near 60 in washington. montgomery county, low 50s in the northern part of the county. loudoun, frederick county, virginia, 40s to 50 degrees. panhandle of west virginia, low and mid-50s. southern maryland near the bay, weather watchers reporting temperatures there in the mid-50s away from the waters. right on the waters, it's in the low 60s. on the eastern shore, they're starting off cool as well in the mid and upper 50s. out of the mountains of west virginia, most locations this morning only in the chilly 40s. you need a spring jacket heading off to work and school this morning. there's capitol hill lit up by the morning sun. we'll have our temperatures by 9:00 in the upper 60s. by noontime, we should be in the mid to upper 70s. we'll have just a few wispy high clouds around this morning. during the afternoon, bright sun and a blue sky. highs reaching around 80 degrees. low humidity in place. just a little bit of a bree
. there is washington in the foreground. on the left is northeast washington. on the right in the distance is southeast and anacostia. way out there on the horizon, prince george's county. by 9:00 we'll be in the upper 70s. by noontime, low 80s. mid and upper 80s by midafternoon with low humidity. a beautiful summer evening. we'll be in the 70s by mid to late evening. by this time tomorrow morning, low and mid-60s starting off thursday. a look at the rest of thursday, friday, and the holiday weekend coming up in about ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >>> i still have report of an accident 66 westbound as you approach glebe road. be aware of that. i want to head up to 270. we're seeing significant volume, 270, just as you pass route 80 and head towards clarksburg at route 109. actually, chopper 4 is live, and you can see that congestion on 270 south. this is just at route 80. this looks like a parking lot, bumper to bumper. this area is thick. i can tell you as we head further down, 270 at father hurley boulevard, you can see the lanes are opening up, and you do have some relief. 95 at pohick road.
in the foreground and still a nice day to be on the water. temperatures in the 60s, coastside. san francisco warmed up into the lower 70s, but the warming trend will continue. so for tonight we do have this mostly clear skies. for tomorrow, mostly sunny and we'll continue to warm up. the extended forecast, this is a short-term deal because the fog will eventually cool us off into thursday and friday. the view from above in the satellites, mostly clear sky as strong high pressure continues to build in and this will continue to strength. as a result we started to warm up for today and look at what happens into monday? by tuesday, the hottest locations inland will be in the upper 90s,96-97 and possibly 98 degrees. tuesday, by the way, the summer solstice, summer begins tuesday morning. so that will be the hottest day of the week and ways head into thursday and friday, we'll gradually cool things off the your forecast models showing you the 50s and 60s tomorrow morning. here is the eventual temperature range for most of the bay area. 70s, 80s and that bright red color, the 90s we're tacking about low
now and being replaced by a clearing sky. there is the sky over northeast washington in the foreground. you can see the sky clearing there. we ought to see the sun coming up over that cloud deck any moment now. and the humidity continues to drop. see the camera jumping around a bit on the northwest breeze. by noontime lots of sun. during the afternoon, we'll peak lower humidities near 80. a beautiful evening coming up. clear sky. low 80s early evening. low and mid-60s by dawn tomorrow. even cooler west and north starting off thursday morning. a bright and sunny day tomorrow with low humidity. highs mid-80s. more of the same on friday although a little bit hotter. then getting hotter and more humid over the weekend. highs should reach the 90s saturday, sunday, and the fourth of july. there is a small chance of storms late in the day on the fourth of july and maybe again on tuesday afternoon. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. >>> we have a delay on our rails. actually, marc brunswick east line p874, a slight delay of ten minutes. want to make awe ware of that. i'm st
have the clouds continuing e ing ting to thicken. you can see embarcadero in the foreground. background, bay bridge. look at the live doppler7 h.d. the best radar returns continue over the northwest corner of sonoma county. marin county. so far, haven't seen anything measurable in the bucket yet. it looks impressive with the darker green and yellow. some is making it to the ground. the rest of us dealing with the cloudy condition. drizzle in some higher elevation. mild, mid-to-upper 50s. peninsula to san jose. around 60 degrees. for the monterey bay, and inland, we have mostly cloudy conditions and low to mid-50s. it will be wet and cool today. clap of thunder is possible this afternoon. showers will taper overnight. my pressure moves -- high pressure moves in to bring us a heat wave that hits throughout the holiday weekend. most temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s today. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast in san francisco. last area to receive rain, palo alto, fremont, livermore, antioch, san jose. low to mid-70s. around the monterey bay, probably never get steady rain outside of dr
in the foreground off in the distance is prince george's county. over that haze we have a mostly clear sky as we start off this monday morning. temperatures around much of the region in the low and mid-60s. and in some of the rural areas, a little bit of patchy fog, near 60 degrees. mid morning, mid-70s with lots of sunshine. by noon time up around 80 degrees. we'll have a few clouds in and out during the afternoon. highs reaching the low and mid-80s. not a humid day. still fairly pleasant. sunset 8:30. that's getting later and later as we approach the summer solstice. overnight, mostly clear. by this time tomorrow morning, back down into the low and mid-60s as we start off tuesday morning. big heat building later this week. a look at that and the weekend at 5:51. jerry, how's traffic? . >>> increase in volume on i-270. usual spots as you head south route 80, continue to go 109. volume only. pockets, congestion. no accidents or incidents to report. very good use there. good news continues as we head over into the district along connecticut avenue. calvert street bridge. light volume of traffic.
in the foreground in northwest washington. you can see a fog bank over the potomac river. way off in the distance lost in the haze is fairfax county. by 9:00, mid-70s. by noon time, 80. not very humid. sunset 8:30. after that we'll be in the mid-70s. mid-60s by dawn tomorrow. during the day on tuesday, afternoon highs climbing to near 90 degrees. but still not very, very humid. not quite as humid as we'll probably see on wednesday and thursday. by then we will have sweltering oppressive humidity with highs  reaching the mid and upper 90s both afternoons. and hazy sunshine. then into the week we'll get a break from the heat. and scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible late on friday. and off and on over the weekend as well with highs in the 80s. now last week i was on vacation. climbed up to the top of compton peak. took this photographs along skyline drive. this is looking west. this was on friday morning about 10:00 in the morning looking west over the shenandoah valley. and if you have the time, take it. head off to the shenandoah national park. there are wonderful trails all around o
is in the foreground. quite a bit of sun out there and a few sprinkles giving us 's a muggy morning. it's going to be a steamy day, highs near 90. might get some afternoon storms and into the evening hours. a slight risk on isolated storm would produce any severe weather. same on thursday and friday. a diminished chance of storms. over the weekend. saturday might have an afternoon storm, a slight chance of that. only a slight chance sunday, monday, and tuesday. the big thing is lower humidity and cooler weather into the weekend into next week. danella, how's traffic now? >>> we want to keep montgomery county drivers, if you're driving on 355, 355 corridor north of the beltway, be aware you have 200 traffic lights that are not synced. this means they are not synced with the normal rush hour commute. you may be waiting a little longer than normal as you make your way. we are advising you to take metro. i checked the rails. metro is on time, same with the marc and vre. i think that's the better way to go this morning when you're traveling in montgomery county. >> danella, thanks very much. and tha
. and there is the sky over arlington right now off in the distance in the foregrounds, northwest washington. partly sunny now. a humid day, highs near 90 by midafternoon. late afternoon into the evening we'll have scattered storms around, only a small chance of any severe weather. then the low humidity in place by this time tomorrow morning. we'll be here wednesday, thursday, and friday. sunny each day. low humidity. warm afternoons and cool mornings. into the holiday weekend, heat and humidity return. just a small chance of afternoon storms. eun? >> all right, tom. thanks so much. we have breaking news in the district right now. a tractor-trailer is dangling over an exit ramp off 295 in northeast. news 4's tracee wilkins live there now with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this is going to cause quite a bit of a traffic mess. even folks who aren't impacted, folks who take that ramp, still we've got to deal with the rubber necking. this is what people are seeing here. that's the back end of the tractor-trailer actually hanging near the off-ramp here to east capital
years. what makes it unusual is the view. you are looking at the view from the winery. the foreground used to be the tarmac for nas alameda. you will see it behind these doors. these hangars used to house the fire jets. they have the armadillo cooker. it will be inside here. we are going to try to catch up with the wine maker herself. maybe i should have timed the door opening more. i didn't realize it was so large and going to take so long. ♪ >> reporter: do you want to go to another story and come back to me? >> no, this is interesting. >> reporter: it's totally napa sonoma. we have enough steam. steve, can you get through there? okay. it only took 30 sengds to open? >> what's behind door number one? i'm sorry, we ran out of time. back to you, laura. you are having your second annual wine rodeo. this is where they used to paint the airplanes. >> yeah. you can see the fancy paint mechanisms. >> how did you end up in this space? when you think of urban wineries, you think of loft spaces or warehouses. >> we came to look over here. we're like 40,000 square feet. we'll never use all o
beside us in the foreground followed by metronome and telephone poles and a steadfast plane and the distance illuminated only by the faint light of the fading sun. in an attempt to be like my dad who's right back there, i love you dad, was a working musician until i was born i remembered the hook to a song i once tried to write. staring out the window baliles pass by as france merges into texas in the twilight sky it's just another ride. how many times under how many conditions and how many places have i've ridden the bus? whatever the final tally i could add to the song one more verse. as i dream of peace in israel and palestine it's just another long bus ride, it's just another long bus ride, it's just another long bus ride. [applause] thank you. if you do end up reading the book there is a chapter in there, the second loss of the season is called losing sox, and i really mad and complaining because i'm sweating so much of the stripping of the brim of my cap and there is no bag and i can't tell what the baseball so at some point i said i'm just going to throw it and we wil
in the foreground followed a metronome and telephone poles and a steadfast distance illuminated only by the faint light of the fading sun. in a vain attempt to be like my dad who is right back there, love you dadcamus was a working musician and i was born i remembered that hooked to a song i once tried to right. staring out the window the mountains pass on by in the twilight sky. how many times under how many conditions and how many places have a written a bus? whatever the final tally, i could add to the song one more verse. is a dream of peace in israel and palestine it is just another long bus ride. just another long bus ride. it is just another long bus ride. the end. [applause] thank you. and if you guys do end up reading the book, there is a chapter in their, the second loss of the season called losing and i'm really mad at complaining because i am sweating so much. sweat is dripping off the rim of my cap and there is no rots in the bag. i simply send going to throw it and we will see where it goes. that is kind of what i feel like appear. i don't know if i am sweating. i need a rosson bag
in the foreground. off in the distance is arlington and you can see some of the high rises of arlington barely make those out there on the horizon because the haze is so thick. the humidity is so high. these are the temperatures now in the low and mid-90s and here are the feels like temperatures. the heat index, you add in the humidity, it feels like 102 in washington and the heat index is now up to 110. in fredericksburg and at the beaches, not any relief right on the beach. ocean city's heat index is 107. but take a dip in the waters, the water temperatures are only in the 60s and as we get into the afternoon, air temperatures near 100 and the heat index around 105 or maybe, yes, even higher than that and then late afternoon early evening there is a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. greater chance of maybe some showers and storms friday and each day through the weekend. thankfully, cooler temperatures each day. lower humidity in place and highs low and mid-80s next week. that's the way it looks right now, barbara. >> okay, thank you, tom. >>> high temperature for the day is hot
there in the foreground in northwest washington. but off in the distance, you can see the high raise buildings there on the horizon in arlington, boston, and there's some sunshine. temperature right now, 87 at reagan national. but the dew point has dropped. it's down to 63. we do have somewhat drier air and cooler air on the way. it's now way out in the mountains, though. and right now, east of there, shenandoah valley, upper 70s to near 80, and around the blue ridge. but farther east, we're in the low and mid-80s in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington, and fairfax counties, and right near the chesapeake bay, mid-80s. eastern shore, many locations there have hit the mid-80s, from the atlantic beaches inland. and farther to our west, out in the mountains, that's where the cooler, drier air is already beginning to move in. northern maryland, much of northern west virginia now. temperatures there are in the 60s and it's turning comfortably dry. lower humidity beginning to move in. there's a big area of high pressure that's off to our west. that's been pushing in, and as it does, it cont
, it's now streaming through the trees of northwest washington in the foreground and off in the distance, you can see downtown washington on the horizon is prince george's county. and right now at reagan national airport, it's at just 61 degrees. quite a chill in the air. actually, that's one of the warm spots. dew point is comfortably drink. we've got a calm wind. it's only near 50, though, in prince george's county. arlington, montgomery, and fairfax counties. right near the bay, low 60s. and near the neck, low 60s. many locations there in the 40s. farther to our west, it's only in the upper 40s near 50 in western maryland, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, even a few of the high spots along the blue ridge and out on the central appalachians, we're just in the low 40s right now. we have a mostly clear skies, a few clouds drifting in. now, this morning, the big race for the cure will be underway here in a little more than an hour, and by then, we should be up into the low 60s along the race course, and during the r e race, it may actually hit the upper 60s.
in the foreground. off in the distance on the horizon, we couldn't it this morning, it was hazy. but now it's dried out, we can see into virginia and fairfax in the distance as we look over there. we can see way off on the horizon is tysons corner and our temperatures around the reege aren't climbing to around 80. reagan national at 81. and the dew point a comfortable 60. whenever the dew point gets up to 70, it's sweltering humidity. it looks like it's doing that wednesday into thursday. right now it's near 80 degrees. throughout much of virginia and around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, cooler there, upper elevations, too. and the blue ridge only in the 60s. lower elevations in the upper 70s to near 80. month dpomry, arlington, fairfax, prince georges county in the upper 70s. around the chesapeake bay, the temperatures are cooler. bay water temperatures are around 70 degrees now. on the eastern shore, temperatures climbed into the mid-70s. a beautiful day there. just a few clouds around around the lower eastern shore and southeastern virginia. and it's near 80 and most of those locations the
in the foreground. which is sunlit. but off in the distance is virginia, arlington there, under some dark, ominous looking clouds. but those clouds are just producing some sprinkles right now in fairfax county and prince william and in charles and st. marys. those are heading off to the north and east, moving into the district and southern montgomery county near bethesda, over another perhaps 15, 20 minutes or so. right now, we're in the low to mid 60s and we'll have temperatures climb to the 70s by noontime. a little sunshine in and out, and then some afternoon storms that could also play with some thunder and lightning and some heavy downpours, as well as into this evening. any storminess should dissipate by midnight tonight. look at friday and the weekend into next week at 6:51. danella, how's traffic? >> tom, we have some congestion building here on 66. you can see that you're slow in both directions inside the beltway. heading 66 east, your delays start right here at 234 and you are jammed as you approach the car rest area. and then pretty much you're going to be slow along the way. i want to
. once again, you can focus from the background to this bird in the foreground or make everything in focus at the same time. here your folks can start to see the 3-d movement here. >> you can see it so clearly even without the 3-d glasses. i'm curious, is it the camera or the software that's the key here? can you have one without the other? >> it's a combination of both. so the camera itself has an entirely new kind of sensor, a light field sen sore that replaces the image sensor inside a regular camera. that's what records these missing dimensions of f cameras that are lost in photographs. after that, you need a lot of very advanced software that turns that light field into pictures. it makes an interactive picture a living picture that folks can play with on our website at that gives a visual sensation of how much has changed. >> and just really quickly, when will this hit the market and will it be affordable for folks? >> it's going to be out later this year. and we are developing this as a competitive consumer product for everyone. >> does that mean affordable? >> it
and then you see darth vader in the foreground and then the stormtroopers or people from the boston marathon running away, it's demented and strefreaky an weird, and it probably smells like tear gas in that picture. >> but, again, it's a beautiful, beautiful story. the young man's mom said he's kind of a romantic, said he's kind of aloof, not always aware of what's going on. she said he probably wouldn't aware the riot was going on unless you told him. >> it's focused. >> do we have time for weather? >> should we do it? yes, no? >> yeah. we spent too much time on the picture. the beautiful moment. but, in just a second, we'll be right back with a story that got a lot of people's attention as well this week. a star football player arrested after boarding a us airways flight. so, what was the problem? his pants on the ground! >> my pants were actually not even below my knees, below my buttocks, you know, they were slightly below my waist. >> well, that's not what they were saying. that's dashon marman, he plays football for the university of new mexico. we'll tell you what happened when he was
down in the foreground also, you're going to see something else. back on the hillsides, you can see the telltale signs of a blaze about a decade ago. right below that, the fire is not only burning as we speak, but it's getting very close to virgin territories in terms of forests. places that have just been untouched, unscathed during the last big fire and that is the big fear that those fires, those flames, those embers are going to make its way to that possible fuel area and we're going to see things accelerate. another big issue we have is the topography of this area alone. between each separate mesa, you have ravines filled with again that untouched vegetation. if you were to get some of those fires, some of those embers right there, you're going to see everything go up like a tinderbox. what's even more frightening, the prospect that heat rises, the fire would come up over the side of the ravines and affect this town. a widespread evacuation, mandatory evacuation. >> so what is the plan with fire now? >> i think it's definitely getting closer. the size of thf facility is very bh
, from one of the police agencies. we see people walking in the foreground on the bridges and throughout the morning so far. derek mcginty is in the newsroom. what do you have? >> reporter: right now, we're just waiting for more information on this. as you point out there's a very, very standard protocol that goes down any time there's a suspicious vehicle or package, anywhere near the pentagon. we go into almost full lockdown mode. as you've seen. even if we don't know there's a definite threat we have to wait until we have that information before things can get back to normal. the questions we have for the police now basically come down to, what was in that vehicle. do we know that there was actually a threat there or is this just something we had to investigate because of the suspicious nature of the man that was arrested and taken into custody in arlington cemetery? while awaiting that information of course, we're sort of in the dark here. we're sort of basically poking around at fant opts as we try to figure out how much danger there was or was not. again, as you point out, we go th
. >>> the chaos in libya in the foreground every day traffic. but in the background you're seeing nato's attacks on moammar gadhafi's compound. some say nato is not just targeting his camp. forces are going after the libyan leader himself. gadhafi is said to be "a legitimate target" under mnato' mandate to use all necessary measures. but another spokesman says nato is not targeting individuals. >>> three months since an earthquake triggered its nuclear disaster, japan is adding four new areas to its radiation zones, those are areas with unsafe exposure. 3 of the 4 zones are in the area about 31 miles from the fukushima daiichi plant where several reactors were damaged, you may recall. the fourth area is about 21 miles from the plant. up i-reports some of these locations have six times the levels of radiation safe for humans. >>> yesterday in london the duchess of cambridge, that's prince william's new wife, made her first public official outing. it was an an outing at ke kensington "absolute giving for kids." they raised money for kids in africa and romania and the united kingdom. >>> and coming
. you can see some of the protesters in the foreground. leon panetta is up for defense secretary. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> good morning, everybody. -- overmittee meets to so the course of this long and distinguished career in public- service, we welcome you to the committee today and we thank you, mr. panetta for your decades of dedicated service to our nation and your willingness to enter the call once again. we know your wife is not able to be here with you today. she has made her own sacrifices over the last 50 years, supported your efforts in the public and private sectors. i know that i speak for the committee when i say that we love to think her in person for the sacrifices that she has made. please let your wife know of the committees gratitude for her support and your sacrifice. if confirmed, director panetta will replace secretary robert gates at the helm of the department of defense. he was asked to stay on. it provided a welcome continuity in our defense leadership. director pane
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